Building Trust

People who visit your site or read your emails do not buy products and services.  They buy from you based on the relationship between you and them.  That is you have to build your credibility with your visitors.  You have to build your relationship with your potential customer.  You have to gain their attention, then get inside their heads and follow through the complete process.

The internet is the ideal medium to build true relationships through Permission Marketing. This relationship building is also referred to as One to One marketing.   Through the internet you can easily interact in real time with prospects and clients. You can't do that with traditional marketing channels. A well executed   Permission Marketing campaign can create loyal clients if you consistently identify their wants and notify them when you can meet their needs.

Permission Marketing gets potential clients to volunteer their attention.

Using permission marketing you start out by making an offer.  This can be done through your web site, banner ads, or e-mail to opt in lists.  The prospect would then respond to your offer and give formal consent to receive the information or incentive from you.

Effective permission marketing utilises opt in e-mail lists as the channel for reaching a target audience.  E-mail Permission Marketing (EPM)  uses the opt in list that has been gathered  by you or a reliable third party.  The opt in subscriber requests contact based on a value proposition to fulfill a specific need or desire.

You can shear a sheep many times but you can only skin it once.

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