Improve Website Visits, Signups and Sales

Here is a checklist of items you need to review if you want people to
  1. Visit your website, or
  2. Sign up to your mailing list, or
  3. Purchase your products and services from your website.

The Purpose of Your Site. 
Make sure visitors know as quickly as possible what your site is all about.  This helps to keep potential customers interested and wanting more information.  Those not interested will click away.
Check Your Use of Wording.
Words that are common in one country may have a completely different meaning in another country.

Offers Have to be Genuine. 
Don't have hidden conditions on special offers. Don't make people feel like they have been cheated by your special offer. You will lose credibility and hence a sale.

You and your site need to convey trust.  The slightest mistake can cost you a visitor.  Spelling, broken links, poor design, unbelievable offers, slow response to email and so on all impact on your credibility and the trust visitors have in you.  Trust is very hard to win , yet lost in a second.  If you have no trust, you have no customers.

Don't Complicate Instructions.
Keep it simple.  As soon as an offer or instructions get complicated you start to lose customers.

Slow loading pages.
Internet users are in a hurry, they don’t like to wait too long for a page to load, if it takes a long time for your page to load internet users will click away even before the page finishes loading.  If they never see your page they will never become customers.

Don't over sell. 
If it sounds too good to be true, then generally it is.  Never try to oversell your offer.

Do not be shy in putting your pricing up front.  Visitors begin to wonder why if you do not.  They wonder if you are hiding something.

Imagine how a visitor feels if a link they click on from your site does not work, ie it’s a broken link.  It can have a serious effect on your credibility and trust with customers.

Whatever payment system you employ make sure it is secure, and make sure your visitors know that the transaction is secure.

Page length. 
A page is too long when it becomes unreadable.  If you have a long page ensure that it is easy to read.

Contact information.
Make sure your site has easy to find contact information if you want to build trust.  Make the contact information visible on more than one page.

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