Viral Marketing - Word Of Mouse

Viral Marketing is a very effective concept that uses the traditional word of mouth advertising except it is done on the internet using email as the medium. Some refer to it as word of mouse.

The viral marketing concept makes each customer a marketer by encouraging them to refer products and services to their business associates, friends and family.

It is one of the most effective forms of self-promotion a business can employ. It is also a very cost-effective tool to drive traffic and build awareness for products and services. Which leads to increased business. The challenge today is to drive the viral marketing campaign rather than waiting and hoping it happens. Today's business and marketer has to develop an effective viral marketing program targeted to their audience.

Viral marketing can be very effective because it is based on personal opinions. That in itself carries a lot more weight because it is coming from a trusted source. Do you trust your friends and colleagues to send you material that is interesting and useful to you?

The most valuable and cheapest way to acquire new customers in the online and offline world is with word of mouth or word of mouse marketing.
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