Twitter Tips

Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables you to send and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters, known as "tweets".

Some tips for using twitter for a business or company

Developing relationships is one of the primary goals of twitter so its important to use it correctly and effectively.

1. If someone mentions you or retweets you, say thank you to them. Its also a way of beginning a relationship with them. You could also retweet one of their post when the opportunity arises.
  2. Use #hashtags when appropriate. This helps others to track and find information.  However do not overdo the use of the #hashtag.
  3. Tweet when it is appropriate and do not tweet all the time.
Also whatever you do , do not use your tweets to spam about your products or services.  This is a common mistake made by new business based tweeters.
  4. Be careful what you tweet.  There are lots of examples of companies that have made embarrassing blunders on social media. Do not discuss controversial topics or use explicit language.
  5. Your company tweets are an extension of your business philosophy.  Therefore you need to write in an appropriate style with correct spelling.  For example the style of tweeting by an account would be much different than the style used by a hairdresser.
  6. Tweet to suit your target market.  Use the jargon and style that is acceptable to your target audience.
  7. If someone has a serious issue with your company address the issue with them privately, not necessarily in the open.
  8. Never engage in personal attacks on anyone.  Some customer will always complain no matter what.

If you follow these basic rules for your business, you are bound to develop a good business relationship with your target market.

The twitter jargon

TWEET - A tweet is any message of 140 characters or less sent out to everybody on twitter. Everything on Twitter is viewable to the public.
DM - Direct Message. These messages are private and only between people who DM each other.
RT - Retweet. Twitter has created a re-tweeting tool that makes it easier to cite the source of the message, and then retweet. Getting others to retweet your message is the goal. RT is the standard convention used RT@businessguide.
# - Hashtag. Used in front of a word or set of letters to allow easy communication on a specific topic.  For example, if you tweet about business planning with other business minded people, you could use the hashtag #businessplans.  This then becomes a clickable link in your message. If clicked all tweets that use that hashtag will be displayed.
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