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Team Work
If you are a person responsible for putting together a team, this questionnaire will help you in selecting the best mix of members for the team.  Feel free to contact us if you require the questionnaire to be completed by a group of people.

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There are very few organisations in the world today where the major policy formulations and decisions are made by one person.
More and more management decisions are being assigned to a small group of managers acting in collaboration on committees, teams and task forces.  The success for the organisation not only hinges on the talents of the individuals involved but also on the effectiveness of the group/team.
Therefore an effective balance and cohesion is needed for the team to be truly successful.
If you are putting a team together you will have to focus on individual attributes that will make the team successful.  You will need to assess
  1. The different roles needed to be performed by the team.
  2. The synergy of the team members.
  3. The review of the group processes.

The person putting the team together needs to assemble the team members that will best work together and be aware of each members strengths and weaknesses.
We have outlined  a questionnaire that will help the individual discover what type of style they are best suited to in a team/group. This questionnaire will highlight which of four styles the individual team member is best suited for.

1. Leader
2. Doer
3. Thinker
4. Carer

You can complete this questionnaire for a nominal investment of $14.75 US. There are 40 questions that need to be answered, then with in 24 hours we will email you the results of the questionnaire.  We will also include a link to an article that outlines:

  1. What makes an effective team.
  2. What makes an ineffective team.
  3. Personality types to avoid in team selections.

Allow yourself a little time to complete the questionnaire.
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