Make sure each page on your site has a unique and relevant title.
Update content frequently to maintain site dynamism.
Do NOT conceal text in your graphics.
Make sure useful terms appear as text in the body of the page .

A major challenge with SEO is remaining the top ranked site for any term is a difficult process. The difficulty lies in the search engines way of assessing page relevance which is constantly changing.  According to some information from search engines there are over two hundred factors that influence page ranking in search terms.

While SEO is useful, it can be a futile task to spend all your time on it. Trying too hard to appear relevant rather than actually being relevant will probably give you a lower ranking.  It may even result in your site being banned from search engine indexing.
A site that contains relevant updated content is the best marketing strategy to employ for search engine optimization.
An option in SEO is to pay a company to do your SEO. Prices range from a few hundred dollars to several thousands.

However to remain a high ranking site on search engines you will need to do the SEO aspect regularly (meaning more cost).
Things change and your competitors will be improving their SEO as well.

Some Basic Principles of SEO include

A search engine is a site that indexes internet pages based on content.  They may base the results of their search on meta tags, page content, page title, or a combination of these.   The search engines get their content from spider programs. Some popular search engines are Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Its important to note that search engines work in different ways in how results are shown and how the search is completed.
For example Bing and Yahoo list and rank website differently to how Google ranks them.
Most internet users rely on search engines to locate sites of interest. These potential customers usually will not scroll through endless pages of search results.

Taking the above two factors into consideration search engine optimization (SEO) becomes a relevant strategy to employ to increase the success of your online site.
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