Get Press Releases Published

For a Press Release to be successful it must meet the following criteria.
   1. Newsworthy. – The only way your press release will get printed is if the editor thinks that other people will be interested.
   2. Timely – if it’s a past event then its not news.
   3. Headline - The headline has to convey immediately why this news is important.
   4. Concise – put the bottom line up front. The guts of the story goes in the first paragraph (5W’s). The remaining details go in the following paragraphs in descending order of importance. Keep it to about one page or less.  Make sure the explanation is detailed enough for the editor of the publication to understand why this news is important to readers.
   5 Short Corporate Summary - Include details of location, years in business and so on , but keep it short.
   6 Use a non sell approach - If your press release is written to sell or advertise a product or service it will probably not be used.

When preparing a Press Release ensure that it contains

  1. Target your audience.  Send your release only to editors of publications related to your industry or topic.
  2. Check with the publication as to their preferred method of delivery.  That is fax, mail, email and so on. Not everybody accepts email.
  3. Never use attachments in a press release.
  4. Generally it is advisable NOT to follow up on a press release, you will most likely annoy the editor resulting in no publication of your release.
  5. Ensure you know the editors deadline.  You need to check with the publication for deadline times.  That will assist you to send your press release at the optimum time.  
  1. All relevant contact information in the top left hand corner.
  2. The words FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (all in capitals) is typed at the top right hand corner
  3. The headline is in bold and centred and the body of the press release then follows on.

What We Do

We help you compose the press release and can send it off to relevant on line sources.  If it is a really significant story we will help you to get it printed in the main off line media.

To get your Press Release published make sure you

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