Online Marketing

Do not waste another cent on your online presence until you have read this ebook.  This workbook has both relevance for setting up a new online presence (usually a website) or for reviewing an existing online presence that may not be achieving the results expected. The process involved will assist you to gather information and analyse it.
Work out what needs to be done to fix the important issues
Develop online objectives
Develop strategies to achieve the objectives
Develop the marketing tactics to fix the organisational issues and accomplish the strategies
Document the details and thereby create an online marketing presence.
The relevant sections in this ebook include

  1. Rules of a website
  2. Research is vital
  3. Know your target market
  4. Describe your business
  5. Assemble the team
  6. Objectives of a website
  7. Set the budget
  8. Site organisation
  9. Navigation structure
  10. Design scheme
  11. Site / Domain name
  12. Web hosting
  13. Marketing Advertising Promoting
  14. Maintain and update
  15. Measure the success
  16. Document the process

The investment required to secure this workbook is $4.27US. This eBook is in pdf format (need adobe reader, freely downloadable).
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