Want To Publish A Newsletter

You need to be absolutely clear in your mind what you wish to achieve in distributing your own newsletter.  Consider the following issues in determining exactly what it is you expect your newsletter to achieve.

Target Market

The way in which you design, write, advertise and distribute your newsletter will be largely determined by your target audience. To be successful you will have to know a lot about your target market.  Who are they?

  1. Young or old
  2. Single or married
  3. Living in the USA, Australia, Canada, Europe and so on.
  4. What type of publication is the target market likely to read?
  5. What do they read at present?
  6. What are their hobbies and interests?
  7. What is their income level and level of disposable income?

Where are they likely to be on the net?

When is the best time to reach them?

  1. During the day or the evening
  2. At work or at home
  3. On the weekend or during the week
  4. Early in the month or towards the end of the month

What effect do you want to create with your newsletter?

  1. Develop trust
  2. Build loyalty
  3. Persuade the audience to buy
  4. Create a viral marketing strategy

How often should your newsletter be published?

  a. Daily
  b. Weekly
  c. Monthly
  d. Bi monthly
  e. Three monthly

Tip:  When starting out it is probably best to begin with a monthly newsletter.

As a final question ask yourself this
Why will the target market want to read my newsletter as compared to reading the newsletter of my competitors?
If you can not come up with a definitive answer that will achieve your objectives, you need to reconsider your newsletter strategy.
  1. Surfing around
  2. In newsgroups
  3. On discussion boards
  4. In chat rooms and so on
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