Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

If your email campaign is achieving the desired results then you do not need to read this message. BUT if your emails are not working perhaps you need to read this message as it just might help you.
My primary interest is in email marketing. And over the years I have seen and made a number of mistakes. Here are the mistakes I see repeated over and over again by people using email.

1. Using cute or clever names (handles) such as profit4u or cash4all. These types of names can sometimes backfire and create an image that you are after a fast buck. From an ongoing business viewpoint this is not the type of image you want to create. If you want to use an alternate name don't get clever just use a name that will not cause any potential customer to get a bad impression.

2. Outrageous Headlines or Subject line. Yes the subject line has to "hook" your reader. But that does not mean you have to make outrageous claims.
 For example
Become a millionaire before Christmas
Make $45,000 a week every week.
If the headline / subject line is unbelievable then your reader will just delete your message without reading it. This is especially true of people who have been on the internet for a while. The purpose of your email to entice people to want to know more will have been defeated and you will have wasted your time.
Sure you need an enticing headline / subject line, but just ask yourself "will my audience believe the headline and will they be interested in reading more
about it?"
Even if you could prove a heading similar to the examples above you would get better results by using a different subject line and include such information in the body of your message.

3. Make sure the body of the message does not contain grammatical and / or spelling errors. There is nothing worse than having these types of errors in your email. It tends to suggest you were in a hurry to send the email and you do not really care about what is being said in the message. Do you really care about your subject matter or are you just looking for a fast buck? These types of errors also show a lack of professionalism.

4. When you send the same message to a group of people you must protect the identity (email address) of your recipients. I see many examples of where the sender includes the email address of all the recipients in the "to" or "cc" field. You must learn to use the "bcc" field or send each email individually.
Note: cc refers to carbon copy and all addresses inserted are visible to the recipient. Bcc refers to blind carbon copy and all addresses inserted are not visible to the individual recipients.
If you do not protect your recipients email address, it shows you are either new to the web or you do not care about professionalism. If you do not appear professional why would anyone want to do business with you.

5. Attaching a large file to your email. If you intend to send an email attachment that is larger than 50K you should seek permission or inform your recipient prior to sending large files.

6. Email messages should address the needs of your target market and show that you have a product or service that will help them satisfy a need.

7. Too many offers confuse your reader. Send a one concept email. Do not list all the opportunities you have available in the one email message. If you do it shows that you are using the scattergun approach and are hoping the one of your concepts will entice your reader. But to most your email will suggest you a just looking for a quick sale. This is the wrong impression to create if you want to continue on the internet.
The person who opens your email does not want to see a whole range of hyperlinks to all your opportunities. In most cases the reader is looking for a specific solution. If your email puts them off because of all the hyperlinks and the length of the email they may never open another email from you.

8. Do not include everything in your email. If you include every detail of your offer then your recipient has no need to contact you further or visit a specific website.

9. Do not make your email messages too long. Internet people are easily distracted and do not tend to read excessively large amounts of copy. Other marketers claim that those truly interested in your offer will read the whole email. In my experience shorter email have worked better. The best solution for you is to experiment and test long and shorter emails. Then use the system that produces the best results.

10. Do not make your email a replica of the sales message contained in your website. If you entice people to click to your website and then are confronted with the exact same information as your email the will be turned off. You need different copy on your email as compared to your website. Write you own fresh copy. If you can't the best thing to do is summarise in your email what the sales message on your website. But remember not to tell them everything in the email.

11. When you are doing new or repeat business with your new and existing clients you should use personalised email messages that contain information relevant to that client only. You may have to purchase a specific program to do it.

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