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Meta tags are the most basic building blocks for manipulating some search engines. Some search engines, and it appears to be a lot less of them, use meta tags to index web content (sites). There is no simple answer to arrange the meta tags so that all search engines will index your site the same way. Every search engine is different.  Different search engines have different criteria for ranking and some will even penalise you for repeating a keyword too often in any one place.

When a search engine scans your web page (using a "spider" or "robot") it will rank your site based on the frequency, prominence and placement of keywords within the copy and will increase (or decrease) your score in its ranking system accordingly.  There are several meta tags but the ones you should consider are the title, description and keywords tags.

Title Tag - Free Promotion

A title tag is extremely important. The title tag is one of the most overlooked ways to promote a site and its FREE. The title element does a very powerful thing, it gives your site a title that the rest of the world uses to catalogue you and your products/services.
When most search engines display your page data as the result of a search the title tag is the first thing they display. The tag needs to be concise and accurately reflect what your web site is all about. Getting the title tag right is extremely important.

Tips for the Title Tag
  1. Use your key words in your title tag
  2. Put the most important keywords first
  3. Limit your tag to 65 characters ( including spaces)
  4. Don't use ALL CAPS

Keywords Tag - Don't use.

Description Tag

Used to explain the web page in question. This is the description you want to see in search results. Generally you can add between 200 and 250 characters, even though only a small proportion might be displayed.  Therefore it is important to put the most important words (keywords) first.  Not all search engines support this tag.  However some do and it can help in getting you a better ranking in those search engines.

Meta Robots Tag

This tag lets you specify that a particular page on your site should NOT be indexed by a search engine. Also it instructs robots either to follow or not follow links on your page.  To keep well behaved search crawlers out add this tag in the head section of the web page.

Robots. txt

The robots.txt convention of blocking indexing is more efficient.  Using the robots.txt convention you can block whole folders so you do not have to add the meta robots tag to every page.

Other Tags

There are a whole range of other tags that can be used.  Some have relevance in some search engines, you will need to research the importance of each one.  Some of theses tags can be used by internal search engines in indexing pages.
We prepare in writing your site title, description and keywords tags – with your involvement.   Then we create your meta tags and e-mail these to you, so that you can insert them into your web site.

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Google does not use the meta keywords as a positive ranking factor.
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