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Stop Spam before it drives you crazy! Junk e-mail is worldwide problem.

MailWasher Pro quickly and easily helps you control spam from polluting your email inbox. Powered by advanced technologies, MailWasher Pro enables users to protect their inboxes from spam and fight back against spammers.
MailWasher Pro is the answer to your time wasting junk mail problems, as well as letting you preview and delete your e-mail before it gets to your computer, MailWasher Pro also lets you bounce e-mail back to the spammers so it looks as though your address is not valid.
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Easy To Use

MailWasher Pro is so easy to use, you'll have it up and running in less than five minutes, and filtering out spam itself is as easy as 1,2,3.
Apart from being the most effective software to fight spam, you’ll find MailWasher Pro is probably the easiest anti-spam software to use. We took the view that if we can’t understand how to use a piece of software in under 5 minutes then it’s probably always going to be hard to use. You want a program with a minimal learning curve, which is easy to use and looks attractive. MailWasher Pro works directly with your email server, exactly like your email program does.
However, there is one important difference. MailWasher Pro retrieves information about all the email on the server. With that information you decide what to do with each individual email before you download it... choose to train your learning filters, bounce an email back to the sender to appear as if your email address does not exist, or report spam to the FirstAlert! database.

Block Known Spam

MailWasher Pro allows you to check the origin of the email received against DNS spam blacklist servers. Choose whether to automatically display or hide spam or, mark for blacklist, or deletion. Regain control of your inbox MailWasher Pro works independently of your email inbox allowing you to view your email for actioning before it gets to your computer.
Choose to delete, report, bounce or filter email to receive only the good email in your inbox. With a multitude of anti-spam tools, MailWasher Pro offers email users an unprecedented level of email security and control. Protocol and Application Support
MailWasher Pro supports POP3, IMAP, AOL, MSN and Hotmail email protocols. By directly supporting multiple client based applications and web-based email clients, MailWasher Pro enables you to benefit from its advanced filtering without forcing you to change your email behaviour.

Here's A Snapshot Of MailWasher Pro.

1. Preview your mail and eliminate suspicious messages before they reach your computer. 
  2. Bounce unwanted email so it looks like your email address doesn't exist. 
  3. Delete unwanted email and attachments without having to download them first. 
  4. Be advised of the potential spam/virus status of an email. 
  5. Adjustable filters and heuristics: Make sure your legitimate email isn't blocked. 
  6. Blacklist known spammers: create your own blacklist of email addresses or domains, or use public blacklists like Spam Cop. 
  7. Friends list: add addresses you know to be legitimate. 
  8. Unlimited email accounts. 
  9. Easy but effective: simply preview mail, mark for deletion or bouncing, then process mail. 
  10. Works with your existing email program. 
  11. Excellent, friendly technical support. 
  12. Runs on Windows including win 7, 8 and 10.
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