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When you purchase Group Mail Pro through me ( by following my link) I will in return provide you with help through email support at no additional cost to you.  I will give you one (1)  hour of my consulting time to help you create your email message. Once you have purchased Group Mail send me an email.
Please note I do not provide support for technical issues that are supported by the company - infacta.

Group Mail Pro helps me achieve the majority of my emailing tasks with ease.

Create professional messages with ease.

You can even personalize them with a number of fields.  Group Mail allows you to send highly customized messages - including personalized message bodies - mail merge, personalized subject lines, and unique attachments (yes, each recipient in your group can receive their very own unique attachment - up to 4 of them in fact) - this is ideal for when you need to send custom reports to a client list for example.

Highlighting recipient specific information.

You can send emails in rich text (html) format with images and any number of attachments. And each message will look unique to the recipient.

Avoid having to show all the recipient details in the "CC" field.

Who wants to do business with someone that doesn’t even have the professionalism to protect others privacy? How could you sell professional services when you do not look like a professional yourself?

Import your recipient list with simple cut and paste.

If you do not know how to do this send me an email and I will send you instructions. Importing email addresses from most safelists is a breeze.

Modify the list when imported.

For example let’s say a certain host (e.g. xyzcoy) continually bounce their recipients email messages. Save yourself the time wasting of deleting mail returns. With group mail pro you can delete those recipients before you send out your message.

Ever had an interrupted send process?

You don’t know who got the message and who didn’t. Not a problem with Group Mail Pro because it keeps tabs through full logging of all sent events. Next time it happens simply click on the resend key and Group Mail Pro can continue on from where the send process terminated.  It is just so easy to use.

Want to do targeting?

You got it. You can build a filter list which you can use to determine who gets what. Filters can be applied to any field of information (or even part of a field) you have stored for your recipients. You can also use as many filters as you like - and use them together to allow even more powerful and precise targeting.
There are a whole host of other benefits in using this software.
Why not try the software before you buy it. Click on the graphic below to download your free copy then click on the try now button.
If you purchase the the full version you will unlock the full feature set and you can then download additional free plug-ins. These plug-ins will allow you to:
Merge and Purge lists – ever had two list with a number of identical email addresses. No point sending two of the same message. It just upsets people, much better to merge the two lists prior to sending your email.
Subscribe and Unsubscribe recipients through email from within Group Mail Pro.  Process bounces and undeliverable messages while you are at it as well.
Send rich text format (HTML) messages just like the big boys.
Check all your email addresses before you send and reduce the number of undeliverables.
Backup all your mailing lists, messages and settings, so if you need to restore your program it can be done quite easily.
After you have tested the FREE version you can purchase Group Mail Pro by clicking on the graphic below.
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