Email for Success

Email is one of the main reasons people use the internet.
Email marketing is the one true killer application of the internet. Using honest and well designed marketing offers targeted only to those who appreciate and are most likely to respond to the offer is the hallmark of building a successful relationship with your clients.

The Benefits of Opt-in (permission) Email Marketing

A big plus of opt-in email marketing is the low cost as compared to more traditional direct marketing media.  It can produce higher response rates than any other form of advertising on the Internet.
Email is a very fast response medium. It allows you to learn faster, build on that learning and generate more effective results in real time.

Email is the embodiment of one to one marketing, uniquely suited to personalisation and keen targeting.  It is the most cost effective form of targeted advertising available anywhere
Your marketing campaign can reach very specific markets. You can reach your market with a time-sensitive offer very quickly.  Customers receiving your message have asked to see it.

Eliminates the expense and delay of graphic design, printing, postage, handling and so on, required in traditional direct marketing.
   Email validity checking prior to broadcasting your offer insures that every address is valid and messages will not bounce back as undelivered. This is a great saving especially if you use third party lists, as you pay only for delivered mail.  Builds traffic to you site as your clients become more familiar with your site through targeted emails.  Email can broadcast thousands of messages quickly, efficiently, effectively and much cheaper than other traditional media.  Email messages you send can be easily forwarded onto colleagues, family and friends. Your clients become advocates for your business.

Email Marketing Guidelines

Send email only to those prospects and clients who have "opted-in" to receive it.  Under no circumstances should you "SPAM" potential clients.
Always honour user requests to opt-out.  Every email message should include how the recipient can unsubscribe.
Confirm all details by return email when a new prospect opts-in.

Do not sell or rent your list.  Treat it as an asset only you can use.  Also develop a privacy policy for your site and live up to it.
Respond to customer email enquires promptly. No email should exceed 24 hours without a reply or notification and acknowledgment of its existence.

Do not use rented list, unless you are totally confident in the third party supplier. Remember the web effect   -  bad news travels much faster than good news

Tips for Targeted Emails

Web site address - include your web site address so that the prospect can click through.
Promotion - give the prospect a reason to click through.  Make an offer of free download or special discount.
Brief message - Give the prospect a reason to want to go to your site for more information.
Measurement  - make sure you measure the success of your campaign. A unique click through location would be ideal.
If you do not have your own lists developed you may need to purchase or rent a list.  There are a whole range of lists and the quality of some can cause you far more trouble than they are worth.  If you are going to use such lists make sure you understand what types of lists they are, generally lists fall into one of the following categories.

Double Opt-in - The person checks boxes of related interests upon signing up. The person also receives an email confirming registration and a link within the email. The person clicks on it if they wish to join or confirm membership. This process is a good idea especially if someone uses another's email address. If the link sent by email is not clicked on to confirm then membership is not gained or opened.        Rating: The best type of list.

Confirm Opt-in - Requires the person to register and select topics of interest. An email is sent to confirm the joining of the mailing list or membership.
Rating: A good type of list

Opt-in - The person registers and selects or ticks boxes of interest. No confirmation email is sent.        Rating: An acceptable type of list.

Opt - Out
- The prospective member goes through a registration process.. Topic checkboxes are pre selected. The person can then deselect topics of no interest, however if non are unchecked then the person will more than likely get unwanted information.        Rating: Well it's better than spam.

Spam - No attempt is made to gain the recipients permission to receive email.
Rating: Absolutely the worst thing you can use from a marketing perspective to send emails.    Do not use this type of mailing list ever.

Email marketing can achieve two important marketing strategies.

Marketing Strategy One  -  Retain existing relationships.
This can be done through the use of
Corporate newsletter or EzineReminder Service.
Promotional offers and special corporate announcements.

Marketing Strategy Two  -  Acquire new clients.
This can be achieved by
Opt-in mailing lists. Sponsored newsletter. Sponsored discussion list. Partnered co-marketing
Email is without doubt the most powerful marketing tool on the internet. 

To be successful you need to know how to use email correctly.  The Essential Email eBook explains all the basics including email etiquette to more advanced topics such as how to build relationships using email and a whole lot more.

Signature File

Whenever you send an email make sure each message ends with an appropriate signature. A signature file contains 3 to 4 lines of text that appears at the end of an email message. The signature file is a brilliant chance to promote your business.

Types of Email Marketing Lists

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