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Thanks Angelo, for providing Affiliate Ambition! It's definitely a must-read for every one that would like to enter the world of affiliate marketing, and those that haven't seen much success with their current affiliate programs. This e-book is well written, very easy to follow and understand. It walks you through the right way of selecting affiliate programs and even touches on promotion techniques. The checklists and scorecard are a fantastic added benefit that I've already started to incorporate into my affiliate marketing! Blessings, Dianne Fratscher.
Hi Angelo, had a look at your site. The colours, and setup are excellent, and easy to follow, with not too many graphics. The text is also excellent, and well thought out, and you are certainly correct in what you say.  Robert from Perth in Australia
thank you for sending this to me I enjoyed reading the article and did download the first section of the email book. Haven't had time to read this as yet. My email response to ads is not bad but it can always be better. I will let you know if it improves.. Thank you again. Gail McDonald, USA
Hi Ang,     Thanks for the link to the article. I read it and it was very helpful. I am doing more email marketing with my business. The Internet and email are still relatively new as far as marketing is concerned and it is nice to get some guidelines on how to do it more effectively. I read a lot of the information on your site and will probably visit it again. Thanks. Sandra Wills, USA
Congratulations on a very polished looking and professional web design. Your articles are well written (liked the one on classifieds). I will certainly visit again. TAN BAN SENG from Singapore
Hi, This is actually a great article, and it is something that I try my best to employ in each of the emails that I send. My biggest problem is trying to find a way to entice the readers of my emails to actually click on the link and stay on the site long enough to make a sale, This seems to be rather ................(rest of message removed) Thanks for your time, Charles USA
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