What is the purpose of your site and what do you want to accomplish with it?
How do you intend to make a profit. How will customers order products online, ask for more information, download or print material and so on.
Your site must convey benefits of products or services rather than the features.

How will customers interact with you and does your infrastructure support your goals?
Do you have the software to take orders online from a secure server?
Do you know how you will fill orders?
Who is going to deal with e-mail from your site.

What research have you carried out into the ins and outs of e-commerce?
Do you know what to expect? Just remember if you are planning on doing your own web site design, then you have twice as much to learn.
Research will be ongoing. There is always more you can learn. Most of the time you will have to do a lot of reading to find one really good suggestion.

Have you developed a marketing strategy?
To be successful you will have to be obsessive about marketing. On the net there are literally thousands and thousands of sites. To get your share of customers you have to market constantly.

Is the information on your site meaningful to your target market?
You need to have free, quality information that your visitors can use and that will give them a reason to come back for more. One of the main reasons why people surf the internet is in search of relevant information.
If you answered NO or Don't Know to any of the above then you need to talk to us and we can show you how you can best leverage your time to achieve the maximum result.

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