Marketing Services and General Business Support

Marketing Outsourcing

All businesses need pro active marketing, but some just can’t afford nor do they want a full in house marketing department.
We provide marketing outsourcing at a fraction of the cost of developing your own in house marketing department.
By outsourcing you can apply strict costing as there are no hidden or difficult to define administrative overheads.
Because we do not specifically “sell” marketing activities such as advertising we recommend the marketing mix which will be the most effective for your business.
When we implement a marketing plan we always search for competitive rates from suppliers.

Marketing Communications (copywriting)

We can review your past and present marketing materials in conjunction with your business plan and put together a total marketing communications plan to be implemented. Assisting you  to modify your plan or marketing strategies.  Making changes required due to market forces or internal reasons.
We can assist you with copywriting needs for brochures, flyers, advertisements, web content, newsletters, business and sales letters.

But we don’t just pick up a pen and start writing.  We take into consideration your image and branding.  We also consider your target market and the objectives we want to achieve.  This is all done before one word is written.
We can assist you with design and print production if needed.  We also look to negotiate the best printing deals for you.

All your marketing materials need to look and sound professional.  They need to be an accurate representation of your business. We can help with the creation and writing of
  1. Brochures
  2. Sales Letters
  3. Direct Marketing
  4. Newsletters
  5. Press Releases

Report Writing

A report is a fact based document which sets out a problem and the possible solutions in a highly organised way.  Some reports are short and informal.  Others are longer, more formal and more detailed. We can help you prepare any form of a report.  We can do it all from start to finish.  Or we can help you prepare specific sections only.
WE can help you create
  1. General reports
  2. Corporate Profiles
  3. Proposals

Web Design

We build and design websites for small business at competitive prices.  We can also provide ongoing maintenance of your website so it is always up to date.
Our website development costs start from $375.00 (US) for a basic design of up to five pages.  We also provide copywriting services if needed for your website. We can help with creating your online presence, such as registering a name, building a website and arranging for hosting of the web site.


Mentoring of business owners in broad areas of general management and marketing management in particular.  This is designed to assist the business owner in their effectiveness and expertise in growing their own business.
After discussion and consultation with you we identify where you need mentoring support and guidance.
We help you to develop skill sets and expertise in required areas.  Setting goals, objectives and the desired outcomes from mentoring.
We act as a sounding board to assist in the decision making process.

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