Responding Quickly

Autoresponders have become an increasingly important marketing tool as it allows you to automate a series of email messages to your customers and prospects.

An email autoresponder is a small program on a service provider’s server or software set up with your desktop email program that is set up to automatically respond to an email inquiry or request.
A sequential autoresponder is a whole sequence of autoresponder messages going out at pre determine time intervals. For example one might go out immediately an email is received, message two might go out two days later and so on for as many messages as you might want. The best part is that it is all done automatically once the customer makes the initial contact.

If you subscribe to the theory that a number of contacts (emails) will need to be made prior to a sale then you can see the advantages of using automated autoresponders.
Here are a range of ways to put autoresponders to work on your site;
  1 Follow up prospects after they make the initial contact with you.
  2 Create a series of emails that is part of an ongoing training program.
  3 Deliver special and timely reports to build your company image.
  4 Follow up buyers of your products and services and sell them your "back end" products and services.
  5 Automate order confirmation.
 6 Provide price lists, advertising rates and so on relevant to your business.
 7 Maintain your relationship with your total customer base.

What to look for in a good Autoresponder

Some of the real important features to look out for in an autoresponder are:
   1. The facility for unlimited text length so that you can make your messages as long or a short as needed.
   2. No restriction on the number of updates to text. You must remember that things are constantly changing and you will need to modify your text from time to time.
   3. Auto reply messages should not be triggered by keywords. What would happen if your customer misspells the keyword – there will be no reply message sent, which could result in lost business.
   4. Recipient notification from the autoresponder must be sent to you so that you can initiate follow up procedures.

Autoresponders working on your site

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