Marketing, Advertising and Promotional Tactics

We help you create Higher Traffic, Increased Sales and Client Relationships by developing a Marketing Plan using Marketing, Advertising and Promotional Tactics.
We work with you to develop your marketing plan so that you will get higher traffic, increased sales and you can develop an intimate relationship with your clients necessary for successful marketing.
Our aim is to help you maximise your overall marketing strategy.  Your strategy might be to
Brand your products / services
Keep your existing customers.
Obtain new customers.
Change or create perceptions.
The internet is potentially the most effective communication and marketing medium in the world today.
Our philosophy is to maintain and increase existing and potential clients by developing marketing strategies and tactics to keep them coming back for more.
The internet can help in achieving such objectives. To be truly successful you have to use both online and offline mediums. The best results are achieved when you use them together. In fact internet marketing is part of your overall marketing plan. Your marketing plan contains both online and offline tactics that you want to implement to achieve your objectives.

We work with you to develop your marketing plan that incorporates the use of the internet. At the end of the day you are better off doing those things that produce a profit, and leverage your time (by using external sources) on marketing strategy.

Throughout this site are references to a range of online marketing information. It is there to give you some basic information and to inform you about ways to develop strategies and tactics. You will also discover ways we can help you with all or just parts of the total marketing plan.

The information contained within this site is designed to assist small to medium sized enterprises to create an effective marketing plan.  Areas of focus are online marketing, advertising and website promotion.
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